Task Managers for Windows CE

Task managers, on Media Nav, are useful for closing certain processes, that might interfere with other operations. Of course, they can be used to view running processes or the amount of memory used. The task managers here are designed for Windows CE, the underlying operating system of first and second generation Media Nav units.


Task ManagerMedia Nav VersionCompatible FirmwareDownload Link
TaskMgrMN1 & MN2ALL (1.0.2 – 9.1.3)DOWNLOAD
ITaskMgrMN1 & MN2ALL (1.0.2 – 9.1.3)DOWNLOAD
CEProcessVMN1 & MN2ALL (1.0.2 – 9.1.3)DOWNLOAD

Note 1: The first, TaskMgr, is also included in Total Commander.
Note 2: Starting from version 1.5, DBoot already includes the second, ITaskMgr.

How to use

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port
– USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity

Step 1. Download a task manager from the links in the table above.

Step 2. Extract the ZIP archive and put the files on the flash drive.

Step 3. Boot the Media Nav unit, either directly into Windows CE, using DBoot, or by accessing Windows CE from TEST MODE.

Step 4. Insert the flash drive into the USB port and start the application; depending on the version chosen, it may be either TaskMgr.exe, ITaskMgr.exe or CEProcessV.exe.

CEProcessV developed by Dexxta (www.hpcfactor.com).