Navi Diag (MN3)

A simple tool that generates a log (text file) detailing the files and folders structure of the navigation software. This log could provide clues to different issues regarding maps, add-ons or errors.


Program NameFirmware VersionDownload Link
Navi Diag1.0.X.X
Note: X denotes any digit from 0 to 9.

How to use

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port, containing the new maps
– USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity, ideally with an indicator light

Note: An USB flash drive with an indicator light is preferred since the light will be the only indicator of the ongoing read and write operations performed on the flash drive.

Step 1. Download Navi Diag from the link in the table above.

Step 2. Unzip the archive and copy the folders to the root of the flash drive – the folders should be the first to be seen upon accessing the flash drive.

Step 3. Put the flash drive in the USB port, wait for the Media Nav to boot and the backup will start automatically.

Step 4. When the indicator light of the flash drive stops blinking for 10-15 seconds or, if there is no indicator light, after about 3 minutes, you can unplug the flash drive and turn off the Media Nav.

At this point, a file named Diag_Log.txt can be found on the flash drive – this is the generated log.

Tool developed by buldo from MsieurLOLO forums.