MortScript is a script language focused on batch control, capable of doing basic system operations, like file operations, registry modifications etc. Certain tools here, like Code Recovery Tool (MN2) or Virtual Keyboards for Windows CE, rely on MortScript. It can be used to design one’s own tools, without the need of compiling platform-specific applications.

Manuals include all the necessary information about creating and using applications based on MortScript, they can be found below. The developer’s website can be found HERE.

Note: This script language can be used only for first and second generation Media Nav units (MN1 & MN2).


MortScript VersionMedia Nav VersionCompatible FirmwareDownload Link
4.0MN1 & MN2ALL (1.0.2 – 9.1.3)DOWNLOAD


MortScript VersionLanguageDownload Link

Developed by Mirko Schenk (