MN1 & MN2 Tools

This is a list of tools designed for first and second generation Media Nav units (MN1 & MN2), running Windows CE 6.0 as the base operating system.

Code Recovery Tool

Tool for recovering the authentification code required by the Media Nav unit on the first boot after being connected back to the battery. Download & how to use: Code Recovery Tool (MN2).

MICOM Config

MICOM Config is very complex tool used for a wide range of operations. The most common are activating the rear camera or activating the rear speaker. Download & how to use: MICOM Config (MN1 & MN2).

Total Commander for Windows CE

Total Commander is a well-known alternative to the default file explorer, it’s most proeminent feature being the double window layout. Download & how to use: Total Commander for Windows CE.

Task Managers for Windows CE

Task managers, on Media Nav, are useful for closing certain processes, that might interfere with other operations. Download & how to use: Task Managers for Windows CE.

Virtual Keyboards for Windows CE

The Media Nav unit does not come equipped with a keyboard, nor is it simple to connect one. Yet, there may be cases that require text input. Download & how to use: Virtual Keyboards for Windows CE.

Core Player

Core Player is a multimedia player that supports multiple formats, including AVI and MP4. It is usable as a portable application, not requiring installation. Download & how to use: Core Player (MN2).