Edit iGO ZIP archives with any WinRAR version

iGO navigation software relies on ZIP archives for components like skins or add-ons. If using WinRAR, the general advice is to edit these archives using versions 3.93 or 4.01. Yet, this is not really necessary, since a few settings will be enough to make any WinRAR version usable in this case.


Note: Always make a backup copy of your archive, in case something goes wrong.

Step 1. Open the desired ZIP archive using WinRAR.

Step 2. Go to Options > Settings, switch to the Compression tab, then click Create Default.

Step 3. Open the Time tab, uncheck Store modification time / High precision modification time and select Original archive time for Archive time, then click OK.

At this point, after saving changes made to the ZIP archive, it should be recognized by the iGO navigation software. In case this guide did not work – due to changes in recent WinRAR versions -, WinRAR versions 3.93 or 4.01 are known to work, so they are the main alternatives.