Downgrade the firmware (MN1 & MN2)

Sometimes, downgrading the firmware may be necessary, for incompatibility issues or for using software that was designed for an older firmware version. The process is similar to upgrading the firmware, only with a handful of steps longer.


Note: This guide applies only to first and second generation Media Nav units (MN1 & MN2).

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port
– empty USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity
Downgrade Patch

Step 1. Download and install the Downgrade Patch, according to your Media Nav unit generation.

Step 2. Download the firmware you want to install from the Firmwares pages, according to your Media Nav generation. Any firmware version will be accepted after installing the downgrade patch.

Note: For versions 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.0.5 and 5.2.7, please refer to How to upgrade the firmware.

Step 3. Extract the ZIP archive and put the file upgrade.lgu in the root of your USB flash drive – the file should be the first to be seen upon accessing the flash drive.

Step 4. Start the car engine and wait for the Media Nav unit to boot. Do not turn off the engine until the update is complete.

Step 5. Insert the flash drive in the USB port and press Upgrade on the update notice. If no notice appears, go to Settings > System > System version and press Upgrade once the notice is shown.

Step 6. The Media Nav will reboot and start the installation of the new firmware. After the installation is complete, the unit will reboot once again and go to the main interface. The engine can be turned off at this point.