Complete system diagnostic report (MN3)

Getting a detailed report about the Media Nav unit can prove useful for various debugging purposes or even something simple, like getting the complete firmware version. Luckily, third generation Media Nav (MN3) units’ operating system has a built-in tool that allows just that and all that is needed it’s an USB flash drive, no additional tools required to download.


Note: This guide applies only to third generation Media Nav units (MN3).

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port
– USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity, ideally with an indicator light

Note: An USB flash drive with an indicator light is preferred since the light will be the only indicator of the ongoing read and write operations performed on the flash drive.

Step 1. Create a folder named logfiles_bavn in the root of the flash drive – the folder should be the first to be seen upon accessing the flash drive.

Step 2. Put the flash drive in the USB port, turn the Media Nav on, wait for it to boot and multiple logs will be written on the flash drive.

Step 3. When the indicator light of the flash drive stops blinking for 10-15 seconds or, if there is no indicator light, after about 1 minute, you can unplug the flash drive and turn off the Media Nav.

At this point, the logs, which are just normal text files, were saved in the logfiles_bavn folder. Files logfiles_bavn > log_data > system_info.log and logfiles_bavn > configuration.log contain the current configuration, useful in case you need the default settings for MICOM Test – given these settings were not changed beforehand.