Complete firmware version (MN3)

Third generation Media Nav units (MN3) have multiple releases for the same firmware version, yet the complete firmware version may be required for debugging purposes or for calculating Test Mode codes for each release, using Test Mode Codes Tools (MN3).


Note: This guide applies only to third generation Media Nav units (MN3).

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port
– USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity, ideally with an indicator light

Note: An USB flash drive with an indicator light is preferred since the light will be the only indicator of the ongoing read and write operations performed on the flash drive.

Step 1. Get a complete system diagnostic report.

Step 2. On the flash drive, open logfiles_bavn > log_data > system_info.log using a text editor. This is a simple text file.

Step 3. Find the line that starts with cpu_ver – usually around the 10th line. This line contains the complete firmware version. Example: cpu_ver =, so the complete firmware version is – meaning version, build 366, release 35.