Code Recovery Tool (MN2)

In certain situations, the car battery will either discharge completely or it will need to be disconnected. Or the Media Nav unit will need servicing or swapping. When that happens, the Media Nav will require an authentification code in order to use it, after the first boot. This code is usually written somewhere in the documents that came with the car (like manuals or invoices). But, if it happens that this code can’t be found or the car was resold and the previous owner didn’t communicate it, the authentification code will need to be found out by other means.

The uppercase letter goes from to Z, while the digits go from 100 to 999. There are 900 digits combinations for each of the 26 letters, giving a total of 23400 combinations and their respective security codes. Yet, since the security code itself has only 4 digits, there are only 10000 possible security codes, but trying them all will prove fruitless, since all radio and multimedia units employ a limitation. In the case of Media Nav units, the time between code input attempts is regulated by the formula 2^n, where n is the attempt number – the second attempt will be possible after 2 minutes, the third after 4 minutes, the fourth after 8 minutes and so on. This is where this tool comes in handy, offering the code directly from the device.

Note: This tool is compatible only with second generation Media Nav units (MN2). For MN1 and MN3, the alternative is to use our Unlock Code Calculator, but it requires taking out the Media Nav unit from the dashboard.


Media Nav VersionCompatible FirmwareDownload Link
MN2ALL (5.2.7 – 9.1.3)DOWNLOAD

Note: The tool itself is a script, ULC2_recovery.mscr, and the source code can be viewed with any text editor. The additional 2 files are required for executing this script.

How to use

Note: This guide applies only to second generation Media Nav units (MN2).

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port
– USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity

Step 1. Download the code recovery tool from the link in the table above.

Step 2. Extract the ZIP archive and put the 3 files (MortScript.exe, ULC2_recovery.exe and ULC2_recovery.mscr) in the root of the flash drive – the files should be the first to be seen upon accessing the flash drive.

Step 3. Insert the flash drive in the USB port and turn on the Media Nav. Once the unit boots, the tool will be run automatically and the 4-digit code will be shown. Note it down or remember it.

Step 4. Turn off the Media Nav, remove the flash drive from the USB port and turn it on again. Once prompted for the code, enter the code shown at the previous step. After this, the Media Nav will be unlocked.