Activate the reverse camera (MN3)

After installing the reverse camera, it needs to be enabled, as well as have a few other settings adjusted. On third generation Media Nav units (MN3), this can be accomplished only by using MICOM Test directly.


Note: This guide applies only to third generation Media Nav units (MN3).

– a tablet, laptop or desktop equipped with an USB port
– USB flash drive, FAT32 formatted, max. 32 GB capacity

Step 1. Access MICOM Manager and open MICOM Test.

Step 2. On the 7th line, locate the RVC setting and press on it until the rvc option shows up – not mvc, that is for multi-view camera.

Step 3 (optional). On the 4th line, the first button between arrows shows the current option for the guideline, while pressing the left or right arrow buttons gives access to different guidelines (NoneX87K98 etc.). Each code represents a car model and the guideline is adapted to the model’s shape. See How to use MICOM Test for descriptions for each code. Once a guideline is chosen, press on the button between the arrows. It should be checked first if the camera doesn’t already have a guideline embedded in the video stream, which would result in 2 different guidelines being displayed, overlapped.

Step 4. On the first line, press Hard Reset. Be careful ! Do NOT press Make Virgin by mistake. The Media Nav will reboot and will boot directly into the main interface. At this point, when you select the reverse gear, the camera viewer should come up automatically.

Note: By using MICOM Test, there is no option to change the tempo time.

If the camera viewer doesn’t show up when the reverse gear is selected, most often there is a connection problem. Make sure all the wires are connected correctly – see Installing the reverse camera.